Pearl Ladies Conference Highlights


Praying & Sharing

Biblical and contemporary reports have shown that when believers meet for a common purpose e.g. praying and sharing together, it promotes love and unity, spiritual/social development.


To reach the women within in the community for Christ. Mathew 13:31-32



Reaching Ladies in the community with the gospel truth through love, interactions, friendship and skill development.


We hold sessions where we pray about personal and general requests.

Also, we have educative and interactive sessions on spiritual, character and social development. Interesting topics such as time management skills, communication skills, Christian comportment, integrity and maturity; just to mention a few are discussed during our meetings.

We organize seasonal programmes like the Ladies conferences and Ladies summer outreaches.

Our current skill development project takes place in our venue at Craigroyston Community High School and there we take lessons on cooking, sewing, card making and needle work e.t.c.