Why are we doing this?

We are in a generation of so much distraction; advancements in Science and technology, entertainment and the acceptability of certain vices as norms have created a world that doubts the efficacy of the truth about God. We seem to be living in the matrix world as written in the Wachowski brothers’ movie forgetting that at the end of our days in this world there is a final destination.

Who are we?

We are a team of young vibrant Christian Students from all University and Colleges in Edinburgh.

What We do

We introduce the gospel to the academia, sharing with one another the connections and disparities between social and scientific knowledge and the Christian faith.

We help young Christians balance between their education and Christian lives.

We provide free advice and some support for new and prospective students wishing to study in Edinburgh. We link up with prospective students through the Deeper Life Campus Fellowships and churches all over the world.

We organise weekly prayer meeting on campuses in Edinburgh and offer spiritual counselling to students.